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Dry Needling

Dr. Myers is certified in dry needling through http://structureandfunction.net. Dry needling is a manual therapy based technique that utilizes accupunture needles to accomplish the following positive benefits: reduction of pain, improvement of range of motion, reduction in trigger points, improved muscle firing and contraction, reduced fascial tension. To learn more about the dry needling techniques Dr. Myers utilizes click this link: https://structureandfunction.net/the-pentamodal-method-of-dry-needling/.

Typically, Dr. Myers will use a combination of soft tissue techniques and adjusting, if needed, to impove a patients outcome. Dr. Myers has found dry needling to be extremely effective for lower body injuries such as: plantar fascitis, hamstring strains, patella tendonitis, and hip/glute pain/tightness. Dry needling can also be very effective for conditions such as tennis and golfers elbow and chronic tension headaches.