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Shoulder Treatment

Young man with shoulder pain

The Shoulder is a very complex joint with dysfunction causing problems in other areas of the body. For instance: A tight shoulder will lead to neck pain and tightness, which in turn could lead to headaches and than back to shoulder pain, elbow pain (golfers elbow, tennis elbow) is frequently a result of poor shoulder mechanics, the same can be said about the wrist. Shoulder conditions frequently cause mid back (thoracic) pain, and lastly can contribute to hip discomfort and instability. A pitcher in baseball with hip issues will routinely develop shoulder pain or visa versa.

This is why a thorough musculoskeletal examine is so important, and what we pride ourselves on at Myers Chiropractic, if you only address the pain, you will not FIX the problem. Pain is the result of a mechanical imbalances somewhere in the body, many times not actually where the pain is occurring. Think of hitting your funny bone, yet your wrist and hand tingle, the injury happened at the elbow, but most of the pain and discomfort is in the wrist and pinkie.

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