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FAKTR Functional and Kinetic Treatment with Rehab

FAKTR - Functional & Kinetic Treatment with Rehab


The FAKTR Concept was developed by Dr. Thomas Hyde and Dr. Greg Doerr, two clinicians with over 20 years of combined experience with chiropractic, rehabilitation and soft tissue manipulation.  At the time of its development, leading research involving IASTM placed emphasis on the static treatment at the site of pain only.  Although backed by peer-reviewed research, this approach only emphasized soft tissue manipulation.

In 2010, the FAKTR concept was formalized--a unique approach to patient care that involves not only IASTM (instrument-assisted soft tissue manipulation), but that utilizes many manual and instrument-assisted soft tissue techniques and incorporates functional rehabilitation through provocation and movement.  

The FAKTR Rehab System utilizes a variety of research-backed assessments in order to help practitioners zero in on the root cause of pain and dysfunction.  Once we understand the underlying issues, then we can better address the cause and bring about better results faster.

With FAKTR, we use a variety of techniques and treatments…some that are familiar and some that may seem new such as dynamic cupping, joint compression flossing and the use of instruments while doing movement.

Our goal is to make the best use of our time together in each visit and address your unique needs in the most efficient and impactful way possible.  Our main priority is to get you better faster and back to doing the things you love without pain.

Movement is at the core of the FAKTR Rehab System approach to treatment.  While it may seem contrary to the traditional “rest and recover” advice given by others in the healthcare community, research shows that incorporating movement into treatments results in faster recovery times and a greater decrease in pain and stiffness.

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