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Returning to Sporting Events as an Older Athlete

Having recently retired from the law enforcement community and being a personal trainer, I have always been a competitive athlete. A recent lower back injury led me to the care of a chiropractor who severely aggravated injury. A peer running friend recommended that I go and see Dr. Myers as his credibility as a doctor has been built on successful results sports injuries.

The deep degree of integrity and concern Dr. Myers and his staff greeted me with during my initial visit was extremely welcomed as I was in severe pain. As a team we immediatly formulated a treatment plan for my sports injury and started working. At the end of my first visit I was relieved of most of my lower back pain. In that moment I became an avid supporter of Active Release Technique.

Additionally with his knowledge of natural vitamin/mineral supplements, Dr. Myers recommended a magnesium supplement to me that not only addressed my sleeping problem but helps increase my energy levels during rigorous workouts.

Although Dr. Myers and his staff are the professional experts, I deeply appreciated the fact I was invited to contribute my knoweledge as a personal trainer to tailor my treatment plan so that it would fit me well. After a month I was able to return to my athletic training for half marathons and triathon's. At 51 years of age it's a a wonderful gift to be able to return to all of my sporting events.

I would highly recommend Dr. Myers and his staff for both their professional expertise in the area of sports medicine and their authentic commitment to the care and concern of their patients.

Retired Law Enforcement Officer/Personal Trainer
Walk away with a spring in my step
This is one of the few Doctor's Offices that the results are immediate!  Dr. Myers has helped me navigate through multiple injuries even when other offices couldn't.  Every time I wobble in to visit Dr. Myers I walk away with less pain and a spring in my step! The office staff always makes me smile as well.


Working out all the kinks with Myers Chiropractic (the Athletes way)

As a competitive athlete, I am constantly having various aches and pains from training and racing. Today I was fortunate enough to have a much needed chiropractic appointment with Brent Myers at Myers Chiropractic in Asheville, NC. 

I was always reluctant to use chiropractic care because of a bad experience when I was a pre-teen. However, one of my super, fast runner friends encouraged me to give Brent a try last year when I was battling with a hip injury. Brent has quite the knack for working with the most "hesitant" patients.  He puts patients at ease with his down-to-earth, easy going and fun personality.  His ART therapy (Active Release Therapy) and adjustments have done wonders for me staying healthy and active in my triathlon sports. Brent not only knows how to treat athletes with adjustment and ART, he also has a wealth of knowledge about supplementation that I am always eager to hear when I meet with him. If you are one of those "on the fencers" when it comes to seeing a chiropractor, I recommend this office.  Daphne K.

Getting my life back:

“Years ago, someone suggested chiropractic might help me.  I had multiple subluxations in my neck, mid back and low back regions.  I experienced pain, weakness, numbness, and loss of function.  It has a major impact on my work and hobbies.  I tried mild pain killers, anti-inflammatory medication, muscle relaxers, physical therapy, and cortisone shots.  I had been to a chiropractor previously with only moderate results, but I knew chiropractic would help me.  I believe Dr. Myers has a particular skill set that has been very beneficial to my condition.  We discussed many recommendations, ranging from very specific towards my condition to general overall health including nutrition.  I had fantastic results in a very short period of time.  Chiropractic care really works for me!  The office is peaceful, serene, relaxing, and overall very pleasant.  I encourage people to try chiropractic because the results are surprising, and it is all natural!!  I cannot imagine my life without chiropractic.  I am very hard on myself through work and various hobbies.  Chiropractic care keeps me going!  Dr. Myers is the man!!” David H.

Severe Neck Pain and Dizziness:

“After medication for severe bouts of neck discomfort and dizziness did not work, I decided to try an alternative.  The dizziness and severe neck discomfort would last from 2 to 7 days and had been going on for 6 years.  I had previous chiropractic care in the past and approached this experience with a positive attitude.  I had a very positive impression at my first visit.  Dr. Myers and I discussed a plan of a series of treatments and exercises.  I had almost instant relief after the 1st treatment and total relief by the 2nd treatment.  I would recommend to others to try chiropractic as an alternative that works.”  Carmen E.

Repetitive Injury/Physician Referral:

“I had suffered with neck pain off and on for years from working on a computer monitor my entire career.  I also had developed hip pain that kept me from a good night’s sleep.   I usually just put up with the pain trying different home remedies, and over the counter medications.   Finally the pain was so bad and my neck mobility very limited, I went to my family doctor who then recommended me to Dr. Myers.   I was very afraid of going to a chiropractor.  I don't know why, but it was in my head that this was something not to do.   But I did go, I needed the relief.  I couldn't picture myself going through the rest of my life with this pain.   Dr. Myers was very kind and easy to talk to, he did a thorough exam.  I was set up on a treatment plan using both the ART method and the traditional chiropractic care.  I do have some permanent damage to my neck from years of neglect.  Now nine months later I am pain free and ready to go on a maintenance treatment plan.   I recommend trying ART along with chiropractic care.  Do not wait like I did!”  Kathy J.

Compartment Syndrome/Calf Pain:

"Being an elite level, ultra runner for many years, I have had my share of injuries and then some. I've been to several sports medicine doctors, physical therapists, and chiropractors though the years for various ailments. Most of the time, I stayed injured or barely made it from one race to the next, ultimately, having to "deal" with my injury after my race which included lots of downtime and no running. This all changed after several sessions with Dr. Myers for a tendonitis condition I had in my calf. Dr. Myers not only got me through my goal of winning my next big ultra race, but he cured my tendonitis. I ran my race pain free, and afterwards, still no pain. Under his care, I was able to continue training at a high level, where as in the past I was told to take time off or cut way back on my training. Sometimes I wondered if that is why I got a little better instead of the actual therapy. Dr Myers was very thorough in his examination of me, and through his efforts, he found the root of my problem and did so, not just using a "band aid" approach. Through Active Release Techniques (ART) and the Graston Soft Tissue Techniques, I went from running in lots of pain to winning my first 100K trail ultra. A big thank you to Dr.Myers for allowing me to reach my goals!”    Mark L.

Patient travels from 2 hours away for care:

“Thank you, thank you!!! I could barely walk into the office the first visit.  You have helped my husband & I so much!  Now looking forward to doing all the activities that we enjoyed before herniating my discs!”     Dee F.

Knee Injury:

"ART has made me be able to run and downhill ski again for that I am thankful :)!!!!!  This is all after micro-facture surgery in my left knee.... not to mention it has postponed surgery to my right knee indefinitely. ART rocks and so does Dr Myers."    Katy L.

Plantar Fasciitis:

“As a last resort before surgery, Dr. Myers was recommended for his special training and treatment for Plantar Fasciitis.  The severe pain was pretty constant while walking or standing.  On a scale of 1-10 the pain would be as bad as 8-10 on the heels of my feet.  I had tried several other treatments including numerous cortisone shots in the feet, different insoles, stretching, and medications.  All failed!  I was unsure how this would help me, but I did not want surgery on my feet.  I was quite impressed with Dr. Myers when I met him, and what he seemed to know about my condition and his treatment plan.  He recommended the Graston treatment, along with some ART/manual treatment on the calves of my legs and feet and some stretching exercises.  I had some good results after 1 or 2 treatments as I could hardly walk without pain when I started.  We are working on a problem that has gone on for more than 3 years so I plan to continue treatment with Dr. Myers while hopefully getting to be pain free.  I have much more faith and belief in chiropractic now that I have tried it, and I tell everyone how I chose it over surgery.  I definitely recommend trying chiropractic and ART especially before any surgery!”  Millie S.

Relief from Osteoarthritis:

“I usually don’t write testimonials but this will be my one exception as I feel that people should be made aware of how good Active Release Technique (ART) works. 

When visiting in Florida, I was recommended to a doctor that practiced ART.  I had a severe injury, and as a result of this injury, my back, hips, and legs were really hurting.  I had not heard of the ART treatment, but I decided to go.  After two one hour sessions, I was absolutely amazed at how good I felt and that I was no longer sore, and I could move so much better.  Upon returning to NC, I went online to the ART site looking for a physician that practiced in Asheville.  I found Dr. Brent Myers, who is also a licensed chiropractor, and he was able to incorporate the use of ART and chiropractic treatments.  After about 7 treatments, I am experiencing relief and have an active range of movement in my back and legs.  I will continue to use Dr, Myers as he has really helped me.

I would highly recommend Dr. Brent Myers and Active Release Technique along with chiropractic care, as I personally know that it works. “  L. S.

Personal Injury/Neck:

“Thank you so very much, now I am able to turn my head without pain, also the problems with my low back.  You’re #1 Thank you!”    Ivy. M.


“Since starting treatments I now sleep through the night.  No more tossing & turning for an hour or so at 3AM.  Thank you!”    Kathy H.