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Chiropractic Supports Neck Pain After Auto Accident

Chiropractic Therapy Extremely Effective for Neck Pain After Car Accidents

Why is Neck Pain Such a Common Problem After Car Crashes? How Can Chiropractic Therapy Help You Get Better?

If you are suffering from neck pain after an auto injury, don't worry. Dr. Myers sees this type of problem very often in our Asheville office. Let's look at the root cause of neck pain after an auto collision and see how chiropractic care can help.

It's not surprising that neck pain is the most common problem experienced after a car crash. During even a low speed collision, your head is exposed to very rapid acceleration. In such collisions, a head that normally weighs about 10 pounds can suddenly weigh eight times as much. This force exerts a serious strain on the tissues of the cervical spine. The bones of your neck are held together with strong bands of tissue called ligaments, and these ligaments provide stability for your neck. These ligaments can be sprained during a wreck, just as the ligaments in your ankle can be sprained. A sprain means that the ligament is stretched or torn.

When you experience a sprained ligament, the damaged area gets swollen and sore, and that's what occurs after a car crash. Your chiropractor helps by increasing movement in the injured area, which helps the tissues heal and helps minimize scar tissue.

Dr. Myers Can Help People Find Relief From Neck Pain & Help You Recover Faster

Dr. Myers has been helping patients in Asheville for many years so we know what you're living with and we're here to help you, too. Let us help you recover from neck pain. Dr. Myers will first determine what's causing your neck pain and then will work to restore your body to its natural functioning. Give our office a call today at (828) 676-0963 to make an appointment.

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April 01, 2024
Dr. Myers

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