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Biosignature Modulation (Your way to better health)

So, you have tried all sorts of weight loss programs, workout routines, and diets all to leave " a little to be desired", I have too. You loose a good bit of weight and fat but you still can't get rid of those dreaded "trouble spots". What if there was a way? What if you could "target" those hard to loose areas or find out why you never loose fat in those areas. What if it was your body's way of telling you this problem area relates to more internal turmoil going on inside you body preventing you from reaching your goal. The answer is Biosignature Modulation.

Biosignature Modulation is a systematic approach to losing bodyfat in unwanted locations. These locations relate to specific hormones and how they relate to fat loss and or fat gain. The locations of these areas are very specific to the body and the hormones that deposit fat there. Charles Poliquin, the designer of Biosignature Modulation found through years of research that fat is deposited in certain areas based on the condition of certain hormones. There are 12 specific sites tested throughout the body with the use of highly accurate skin fold calipers. The sites with the highest amount of overall fat are the main trouble areas. For instance, the umbilical area relates specifically to the hormone cortisol and a high amount of fat there may relate to adrenal gland function and a lowered resistance to stress. Another important site in the upper hamstring or leg, this areas relates to estrogen and whether or not you are detoxifying it properly. Poor Estrogen detoxification is a big problem nowadays due to all the platsics, parabenes, and poor diets people are consuming. Too much "bad" estrogen can lead to a multitude of health problems, including cancer.

The goal with the Biosignature program is to correct the body's "blueprint" in order to regain optimum health and fat loss. We correct this through hormonal, digestive, and neurological supplementation and dietary changes to improve overall health.

Stay tuned to Myers Chiropractic & Functional Health, I will not only be incorporating this into my practice but will also be offering FREE bodyfat analysis for a limited time to my patients and theirs friends and family. I will also begin carrying a very specific line of nutritional supplements that I personally have used and seen great success with to make your health and wellness goals a reality. Whether you are concerned with poor digestion, too much stress, not able to sleep, or just fat loss this program can help correct these imbalances.n and how it can help you.

Also check out this page to learn more. www.charlespoliquin.com

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April 07, 2014
Dr. Myers

The objective at Myers Chiropractic & Functional Health is to treat the entire neuromusculoskeletal system including the spine, but also including joints, muscles, fascia, tendons, ligaments, and nerves from the rest of the body. Dr. Myers focuses not only on the joints of the body, but most specifically the muscular system within the body and its dysfunction, resulting in your problem(s).