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Jump Start your mornings with this simple recipe

Are you always tired in the morning?

Here is a little trick I learned from Charles Poliquin and Wolfgang Unsoeld. Right when you wake up head to the kitchen. Grad a lime and some sea salt.

Start with 20oz of slighlty warm water (so the salt disolves easier) add: 

- 1/4 tsp of sea salt (the colored version like pink or gray) 

- 1/2 a lime or 1tbsp pure lime juice (not from the little squeezy bottle in the store) the real stuff without preservatives in a glass bottle. I use Santa Cruz pure lime juice. 

Why drink this??? The sea salt is full of super healthy minerals that your adrenal glands and body love. Also, plain basic water is lacking vital minerals are body needs, which is why adding a pinch of sea salt is so improtant to properly hydrate you, plain water can actually dilute you body of these important minerals. In fact, most people with poor adrenal function or high stress would benefit by adding a pinch sea salt to their diet for a little while to boost up adrenal function and their acid to mineral balance. 

The lime helps to keep you more alkaline, which reduces acid in your body, helping your joints and GI system. Most of us are too acidic and wake up that way as well, making the adrenal problems even worse. Also, loaded with Vitamin C and anti cancer properties.  

Remember chances are your body is crying for high quality H2O in the morning, you've just slept for hopefully 8 hours and have not had any water in that period of time, your body is already dehydrated at this point. 

Give it a try for 2 weeks and see whether your morning energy and brain function increases

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April 05, 2016
Dr. Myers

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