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Monthly Book Review


Each Month this year I'd like to share a book I have either read or listened to that I feel has helped me in some way. Whether that be improving my diet, my mind, my body, a workout, or just for enjoyment.

Mark Manson's book "The subtle art of not giving a f#ck" was surprisinlgy good and uplifting. Although, I'd have to say the first chapter left me second guessing my purchase. He begins the book by depicting a pretty grim picture of how most of us live our lives and live within our own crazy thoughts. By the end of the second chapter I realized I care way too much about the little things in life, wasting mental energy and stress on stuff that in the end is trite anyways. Mark writes in a way that has the reader laughing out loud at his life experiences that most of us have had as well. In the end the reader realizes most of what we really care about at one time or another is really BS and a waste of mental energy. 

Similar to teachings of mindfullness authors and stress managment/self help authors he reminds the reader how much energy we are wasitng on little things. All of that wasted energy robs us of being "present" in daliy life, enjoying the ride of life, and not getting so worked up on negative experiences. He manages to turn lemons into lemonade about such things as losing "the girl" to losing your job. 

Lastly, it will remind you that there is only so much stress the body can handle before it gets burnt out. We are constantly living in a stressed out world, yet our mind and body has limited "stress reserves or resources" before it breaks down. If the little things are getting to you and robbing your body of valuable energy, what will happen when a major event happens? Will you and especailly your body be able to handle that event if it is already burnt out over caring too much about the little things. This book opens your eyes to relaxing and not getting so worked up about the little things. Remember, the makeup of our thoughts controls the emotions and chemicals produced in our body, stressed and negative thoughts destroys our body's will to rebuild and ive. 















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February 26, 2017
Dr. Myers

The objective at Myers Chiropractic & Functional Health is to treat the entire neuromusculoskeletal system including the spine, but also including joints, muscles, fascia, tendons, ligaments, and nerves from the rest of the body. Dr. Myers focuses not only on the joints of the body, but most specifically the muscular system within the body and its dysfunction, resulting in your problem(s).