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Plant Fusion Protein, a great alternative to Whey protein

I want to tell you about a great product we are using at Myers Chiropractic & Functional Health. What some of my patients may not know is that I work with different individuals on Nutritional Assessments, whether it is weight loss, body composition, lean muscle gain, or detoxes for a host of medical conditions. Many times the reasons an individual is not able to lose weight easily or improve body composition, or detoxify well is that they are consuming a food that is irritating the body and slowing the process down. It could be a very healthy food that they may be eating too much of or a general intolerance to a food they thought was good for them.

Let me explain: While working with patients on increasing their overall health through healthy nutrition and supplementation along with exercise, I find that many patients have developed food intolerances. I find this out either through a consultation or most frequently a test called the LEAP Test or Mediated Response Food Sensitivity test. It is a blood test to evaluate food intolerances that may be making you sick, slowing weight loss, or reducing your overall health. These foods are typically things you may eat too much of on a regular basis. The most common being Milk and it’s by products like, Casein, Whey, Cheese, Yogurt, etc, the next most common being beef and chicken followed by various nuts and food additives. (A future blog with discuss this more in detail)

This is where Plant Fusion Protein comes into play. What happens if you are trying to improve your overall quality of health and improve your body composition but foods like milk and it’s by products are making you sick. In my opinion, higher protein is the way to go for overall health and body composition. However, if your LEAP test shows you cannot consume milk products and certain meats you have to avoid, or it is your choice to avoid meat all together, you will need an additional protein source. This is where a plant based protein is the way to go; it has very low allergy issues and still contains important amino acids and protein. The problem is I have tried all the plant proteins on the market; they all taste like junk, very chalky or gritty. Plant Fusion does not.

Plant Fusion protein has a terrific taste comes in 3 flavors and is high in protein (20g/serving), loaded with L-Glutamine, and BCAA’s, as well as digestive enzymes. It is made of plant based protein so your chances of developing an intolerance to it is much lower than milk based proteins, and it is suitable for vegetarians as well. I use it in between meals or after workouts or as a quick breakfast.

Check it out: it is available at Earth Fare or you can stop by the office to ask me some questions or go online.

Here is a great recipe I made for my kids and it takes little time

Protein Pancakes

2 scoop of plant fusion protein

3 whole eggs

½ cup of no sugar added applesauce or ½ a banana

1-2 tbsp of almond butter

Mix those ingredients all together

Add some butter or coconut oil to a skillet and cook like good old fashion pancakes

They store well and my kids loved them!

Also, as a before school breakfast they are great, as the research shows; kids who eat a high protein breakfast do better in school.

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April 07, 2014
Dr. Myers

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